The Situation in Gaza

At least 250 Palestinians, including 66 children, have been killed and more than 1400 others wounded as Israeli warplanes with hundreds of airstrikes to a blockaded Gaza.

Entire buildings have been destroyed and others near collapse, leaving thousands homeless and terrified for their safety.

How IDRF is helping

We are providing emergency medical supplies and critical aid for the wounded in Gaza and at Al-Aqsa. We will continue to coordinate supplies, aid, and food for the injured as the violence escalates and the tragedy unfolds.

 Through your immediate support, IDRF’s field teams are:

  • Supplying urgent medical equipment and medicines, so that the emergency field hospitals and Makassed Hospital can treat those injured at Al-Aqsa.
  • Providing Gaza with critical emergency medical aid to the Al-Shifa and Al- Hayfa Hospitals including critical medication and equipment need to treat affected victims.
  • Distributing food parcels, clothing and food vouchers to affected families. Food supplies will be enough for one month and clothing for the entire family.
  • In the coming weeks, rehabilitating homes damaged in Gaza.