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Give access to quality education to women and children

Give access to quality education to women and children

Gender inequality exists in all nations around the world and it results in women having limited opportunities, a lack of privileges compared to their male counterparts, and in most cases around the world, oppression and violence.

In Pakistan, grass-root and local organizations like Akhuwat are implementing projects to empower women and young children by providing them with school and education.

How IDRF and Akhuwat is helping?

IDRF is partnering with Akhuwat to give access to quality education to women and children. This will be done primarily through alternate teaching strategies, methodologies and co-curricular activities. Psychological support will also be provided to the students while helping them build on their individual skills so that they can drive change in the future.

We seek to build and cultivate a community of change-makers, which serves as a platform to enable people and our students to unlock their full potential.

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Akhuwat (Registration Number 3048949, NTN 3048949) is a non-profit organization. Akhuwat is an approved NGO by Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue.