Annual Report 2020

The IDRF annual report highlights the activities, achievements, and impact over the past year. View the full annual report online or download the PDF.

IDRF is a Canadian registered charity, working with partners locally and around the world. We facilitate relief and development programs for vulnerable populations, helping to alleviate and improve immediate and long term troubles.

Our Values

Human Dignity

Human dignity is the basic principle of humanitarian work. All humans deserve to live with a minimum standard of dignity and respect regardless of any circumstances. This includes a dignified quality of life. The dignity of those we serve, including how we work with them, is paramount in all of our work.

Social Justice

 Social injustice is one of the root causes of many systemic issues for many communities around the world, even here at home. Social injustice perpetuates cycles of suffering, poverty and ongoing disadvantage and lack of opportunity. Long term solutions must take into consideration social justice and how development can lead to opportunities for all, especially those who are discriminated against. .

Self-Reliance & Determination

Building up communities and empowering them to become self-reliant and self-sufficient is the most powerful way to build a future of hope for generations to come. This is the ultimate goal of sustainable development and cannot be achieved without the experience, knowledge, and participation of affected communities.


Relief work and sustainable developm