Community Care for Guyana Orphans

07 December, 2015 Guyana, Education
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Due to economic and financial difficulties in Guyana, everyday living is a challenge for many and battling poverty, a daily grind.
The Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG) has 345 Orphans on its records who receive a monthly stipend, transportation allowance, school fees, vitamins, food hampers, back to school packages and Eid gifts. The CIOG has been assisting orphans and vulnerable children for the past nineteen years.


This project provides financial assistance and education for CIOG Orphans and Vulnerable Children beneficiaries in the form of a monthly financial assistance to ensure access to essential items and a proper education. At CIOG, we pay the school fees and also routinely give out some clothing. This project would give our organization the capacity to provide more comprehensive care for all for these children through a stipend.
The stipend will be used for essential items, such as for the Guardian to get medication if the child is ill, doing assignments for schools, photocopying, and buying food for the children to take to school. The families have been working with CIOG for a long time and are aware of how to use the stipend.


The goals and objectives of this project is to ensure that vulnerable children have access to an improved quality of life and essential education. The children being able to attend school to have an education will eventually allow them to contribute themselves, families and the society at large.
This project will be a great impact on the beneficiaries, giving them an increased quality of life from the stipend being provided to them and also the transportation being provided to them. They will be able to attend school regularly and on time. Currently, some project beneficiaries are not able to attend school on time due to transportation issues.
They will also benefit greatly from additional attention from the Literacy Educators. The adults that will be teaching the literacy programme are elderly people whom have teaching for over twenty years. These are people who are well known to the community and are highly regarded. Also other teachers are normally in the buildings who are giving extra lessons. This will assist children to improve their academic performance.


$450 CAD gives an orphan access to education, food, travel, books and a stipend to use on school costs for a period of one year.


Note: At IDRF we are committed to managing your funds and being accountable to you as our donors with full transparency. To do this, we are committed to ensuring that the funds you have selected are designated to the appropriate country. In the event IDRF receives funds that cannot be designated to the country selected, then please know that the funds will be redirected to support other vulnerable communities that are in urgent need.

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