Getting Syrian Refugee Children Ready for School

10 March, 2020 Syrian, Turkey, Education
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About one million Syrian children who reached school age have been living in Turkey.  Most of these children are not able to benefit sufficiently from educational opportunities that prepare them for life and roles in society, strengthen them in terms of social, cognitive and physiological aspects and accelerate their social adaption.
“I am preparing for school” project will be implemented in order to provide access to education for the refugee children who reached school age in Sultanbeyli district. They will become self-sufficient during their education process and integrate themselves into the society through educational institutions. This project will develop language their language and motor skills as well as cognitive skills during preschool period. This project will also contribute to their adaptation process at school. Social cohesion will be supported by providing education in the same sphere with their peers from the local community.


There are 1,212 children living in the district of Sultanbeyli between the ages of 4-5. The aim is to provide 200 of these children with access to education within the scope of this project. In this context, 200 refugee children and 100 Turkish children will be strengthened in social, cognitive and physiological aspects throughout the project. It is aimed at making easier for the refugee children to adapt themselves to the Turkish education system and to improve their language skills in order to make a significant contribution for social cohesion.
Annual curriculum plans are in accordance with the Kindergarten Education Curriculum year plan set forth by the Ministry of Education of Turkey. School attendance and adaptation process will be developed with the mentioned method applied.
RASASA and RGW in partnership with IDRF will also provide a food component within the program. This portion of the program will provide food Supplies to 60 refugees over 12 month period. Each family will receive food items once a month for a period of one year. The focus will be to deliver nutritious and culturally appropriate food to ensure refugees have access to essential nutrition.


Direct beneficiaries include 300 children aged 4-6 years, both of Syrian and Turkish nationality. This period covers the first years of basic education, which plays a massive role in the later life of the children. It is a process in which physical, psychomotor, social-emotional, and mental and language developments are completed to a great extent, personality is shaped and the child is constantly changing. A planned and programmed education service is needed for pre-school children to allow for the development of the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and basic habits and to apply what they have learned


This project is an education project, so the budget is for teachers salary, equipment, etc. The cost of this project in relation to one beneficiary is equal to;
$1000 CAD ensures education for one child for a period of one year.

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