Prayer Timings

Prayer (Salah): One of the five pillars of Islam

“And I have chosen you, so listen to what is revealed [to you]. Indeed, I am Allah . There is no deity except Me, so worship Me and establish prayer for My remembrance.”

Qur’an 20:13-14

Taking time out to pray five times a day is a duty upon all Muslims, and helps us to remember Allah (SWT) and our purpose in life – to worship Him. When we turn towards Makkah, we are united with all the Muslims around the world who face the same direction (Qibla), and when we raise our hands to begin Salah, we put aside the stresses and worries of life to remember our Lord.

When we pray, we communicate directly with Allah (SWT), and we are closest to Him in sujood, or prostration.

This is one of the best times to supplicate, or make du’a – so next time you are in sujoodtake a moment to ask Allah to relieve the poverty and suffering of all those we support around the world.

Prayer Times In Ashburn, Virginia

19 October, 2021

Fajr Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha'a
Fri 01 Oct5:53 AM7:06 AM12:59 PM4:19 PM6:52 PM8:05 PM
Sat 02 Oct5:54 AM7:07 AM12:59 PM4:17 PM6:51 PM8:04 PM
Sun 03 Oct5:55 AM7:08 AM12:59 PM4:16 PM6:49 PM8:02 PM
Mon 04 Oct5:56 AM7:09 AM12:59 PM4:15 PM6:47 PM8:00 PM
Tue 05 Oct5:57 AM7:10 AM12:58 PM4:14 PM6:46 PM7:59 PM
Wed 06 Oct5:58 AM7:11 AM12:58 PM4:13 PM6:44 PM7:57 PM
Thu 07 Oct5:59 AM7:12 AM12:58 PM4:12 PM6:43 PM7:56 PM
Fri 08 Oct6:00 AM7:13 AM12:57 PM4:11 PM6:41 PM7:54 PM
Sat 09 Oct6:01 AM7:14 AM12:57 PM4:09 PM6:40 PM7:53 PM
Sun 10 Oct6:02 AM7:15 AM12:57 PM4:08 PM6:38 PM7:51 PM
Mon 11 Oct6:03 AM7:16 AM12:57 PM4:07 PM6:37 PM7:50 PM
Tue 12 Oct6:04 AM7:17 AM12:56 PM4:06 PM6:35 PM7:48 PM
Wed 13 Oct6:04 AM7:18 AM12:56 PM4:05 PM6:34 PM7:47 PM
Thu 14 Oct6:05 AM7:19 AM12:56 PM4:04 PM6:32 PM7:46 PM
Fri 15 Oct6:06 AM7:20 AM12:56 PM4:03 PM6:31 PM7:44 PM
Sat 16 Oct6:07 AM7:21 AM12:55 PM4:02 PM6:29 PM7:43 PM
Sun 17 Oct6:08 AM7:22 AM12:55 PM4:01 PM6:28 PM7:41 PM
Mon 18 Oct6:09 AM7:23 AM12:55 PM4:00 PM6:27 PM7:40 PM
Tue 19 Oct6:10 AM7:24 AM12:55 PM3:58 PM6:25 PM7:39 PM
Wed 20 Oct6:11 AM7:25 AM12:55 PM3:57 PM6:24 PM7:38 PM
Thu 21 Oct6:12 AM7:26 AM12:55 PM3:56 PM6:22 PM7:36 PM
Fri 22 Oct6:13 AM7:27 AM12:54 PM3:55 PM6:21 PM7:35 PM
Sat 23 Oct6:14 AM7:28 AM12:54 PM3:54 PM6:20 PM7:34 PM
Sun 24 Oct6:15 AM7:29 AM12:54 PM3:53 PM6:19 PM7:33 PM
Mon 25 Oct6:16 AM7:30 AM12:54 PM3:52 PM6:17 PM7:31 PM
Tue 26 Oct6:17 AM7:31 AM12:54 PM3:51 PM6:16 PM7:30 PM
Wed 27 Oct6:18 AM7:32 AM12:54 PM3:50 PM6:15 PM7:29 PM
Thu 28 Oct6:19 AM7:33 AM12:54 PM3:49 PM6:13 PM7:28 PM
Fri 29 Oct6:20 AM7:34 AM12:54 PM3:48 PM6:12 PM7:27 PM
Sat 30 Oct6:21 AM7:36 AM12:54 PM3:47 PM6:11 PM7:26 PM
Sun 31 Oct6:22 AM7:37 AM12:54 PM3:46 PM6:10 PM7:25 PM

Prayer Times In Ashburn, Virginia

  • Fajr

    6:10 AM

  • Sunrise

    7:24 AM

  • Dhuhr

    12:55 PM

  • Asr

    3:58 PM

  • Maghrib

    6:25 PM

  • Isha'a

    7:39 PM