Partnerships are the cornerstone of our work. Whether here in Canada or around the world, IDRF builds trusted partnerships with governments, civil society organizations, social enterprises, innovation leaders, and institutions to address global development issues in a sustainable and systemic way. These partnerships unleash powerful social and economic forces that mobilize people and their communities into action, creating positive, lasting change.

We also rely on our many individual partners, monthly donors, faith community partners, and community supporters, who offer their time and resources and who are committed to working together for global peace and social justice. Thank you all.

Saving Lives and Rebuilding Communities, Together

We believe that change happens when communities come together to share resources, knowledge, time, and passion. IDRF partners regularly with Canadian companies and community groups who share our commitment to social justice. Whether through employee engagement programs, company matching, disaster appeals, or financial gifts, IDRF and compassionate Canadians are finding new ways to bring resources, attention, and opportunities to communities in need around the world. If your company or group is interested in partnering with IDRF’s international efforts this way, please contact us at to speak more about these opportunities.

Government Partners

Since our inception, IDRF has had the opportunity to receive funding from and collaborate with the Government of Canada through the department of Global Affairs Canada. With this support, IDRF has undertaken both sustainable development and emergency response programming in Afghanistan, Zambia, Bangladesh, and many other countries.

Collaborative Partners

By building public-private alliances and other innovative partnerships, we leverage funds and resources to maximize resources, reduce duplication, improve efficiency, and create innovative solutions to complex global problems. In the past IDRF has received grants from businesses such as Google, and has also received funding and support from numerous private sector companies, research institutions, civil society organizations, and social enterprises.


Local Partners

IDRF supports local solutions to development, and invests directly in locally-based organizations in all our projects. Working in active collaboration with, and in support of our regional partner organizations, we ensure that our programs meet the community’s most pressing needs in relevant and appropriate ways, and that the benefits can be sustained over the long-term.

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