Haiti Earthquake Relief

Haiti Earthquake Relief

The Situation

On Saturday, August 14th, a major 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit Haiti. The west side of the island has been severely damaged, causing a large number of injuries and casualties. This quake comes at an already difficult time for Haitians, a month after their prime minister was assassinated and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Haitians are also still feeling the impacts of the catastrophic earthquake that struck the island 11 years prior.

 To make matters worse, only 48 hours after the earthquake struck, Tropical Storm Grace hit the island. This further displaced families and increased the number of injuries on the island. Haitians are in dire need of immediate, life-saving relief.


How IDRF is helping

IDRF is distributing family emergency kits and emergency food kits to families affected by the earthquake. Family emergency kits provide families with hygiene items, and access to clean water to keep them healthy and clean during these difficult times. The family food parcels are enough to feed a family for one month 3 times a day. Our immediate goal through this response is to alleviate and/or prevent any further suffering. IDRF is also installing point-of-source water purification units to provide affected communities with access to safe drinking water.

IDRF has a long history of working in Haiti and currently has our local team responding to the immediate needs while also assessing what long-term sustainable development efforts are needed. We pray for peace and the well-being of every Haitian. Please donate today to help save the lives of those most in need while also helping IDRF play a key role in rebuilding Haiti.

Support our immediate and direct response:


Emergency Food Kits

containing necessary food for one family, three meals a day, to last a month


Family Hygiene Kits

containing items necessary to keep clean and healthy throughout this difficult time. 


What kind of emergency response is IDRF leading with?

Food and hygiene to start, but we are looking into creating sustainable water purification units to provide affected communities with access to safe drinking water.

Is there an admin fee for my donation?

No. Our Haiti Earthquake Relief comes with a 0% admin fee for all donations

Are you working with local partners in Haiti?

Yes. IDRF’s localization approach continues to be at the forefront of our humanitarian response. We are working with a longstanding partner on the ground to deliver fast and effective emergency aid.

How long will it take for this aid to reach those in need?

Thanks to our localized approach, we have already begun procurement on the ground and emergency aid has already started to reach the people in Haiti.

Is your organization targeting a specific demographic with this emergency response?

While our intent is to provide aid to as many displaced civilians during this crisis – we are focusing our initial emergency response on women and girls as they are disproportionally affected.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes. You can expect a tax receipt by mail unless donation was made on our website, in which case you will receive a link to an eReceipt immediately.