India COVID-19 Relief

India COVID-19 Relief

The Situation

India is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. As of May 6th, 2020, India reported a record 412,262 new COVID-19 cases and a record 3,980 daily death toll. India has the highest daily infection rate of any country.

The healthcare system is overwhelmed. Hospitals are out of beds, medication, oxygen, equipment and other vital resources. Families are fighting for the lives of their loved ones by driving them from one hospital to the next in the hope of securing a bed and treatment. COVID-19 patients are gasping and suffocating as they wait for vital care, many of whom do not make it.


How IDRF is helping

IDRF is helping build capacity of hospitals and medical centres that are treating COVID-19 patients in states like Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh. We are working with 11 hospitals to:

  • supply essential bilevel positive airway pressure (BiPAP) ventilation systems.
  • provide beds and other medical equipment.
  • provide medication and food packages to hospitals, and families of COVID-19 patients across India. These essential packages are helping patients and their families sustain their basic needs as they fight this devastating virus.

IDRF is supporting UNICEF to administer vaccines

We’re now supporting UNICEF to:

  • increase access to life-saving oxygen by procuring and installing oxygen generation plants in hospitals to treat severe and critical COVID-19 cases
  • provide rapid, accurate testing machines in some of the most affected districts
  • support communities and essential workers to weather this storm and prevent further disruption to outreach programmes and services for children.
  • Continue their monumental efforts of distributing the COVID-19 vaccines.
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will deliver
2 doses of the vaccine
to 2 people


will train workers in a health
facility on administering
the COVID-19 vaccines,
tests and treatments.