Rohingya Shelter & Flood Relief

Rohingya Shelter & Flood Relief

The Situation

The Rohingya Refugees camps in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh are experiencing a major environmental crisis: heavy monsoon rains causing flash floods and major damage to around 25,000 homes, forcing over 10,000 refugees to evacuate the area.  As a result, six children have lost their lives, and thousands of people are being left stranded, vulnerable and without food.

These floods have also come amidst strict lockdown as the country battles rising infections and deaths from COVID-19. The current conditions will further deteriorate the well being of Rohingya refugees, who are already experiencing many challenges as a displaced population.

Alongside refugees, local Bangladeshi communities are also being displaced due to floods with 7,000 Bangladeshi’s having to evacuate–this number is expected to rise as the monsoon season continues. There is an urgent need for humanitarian assistance, with an emphasis on food, water and temporary shelter. 


How IDRF is helping

In response, IDRF is adjusting our existing shelter construction project in the Rohingya Refugee camps to provide immediate shelter, food and water relief to families and individuals whose lives have been adversely affected by the monsoon. Through IDRF’s rapid response, those in need will be given hygiene items, and food parcels to alleviate the food insecurity caused by the natural disaster.


Emergency First Aid and Food Kits


Shelter Repair

Rebuild one full shelter for a family of five to live in.


Shelter Assistance

Buys one family shelter materials to upgrade or repair their shelters, protecting them from the effects of the monsoons.

The Impact

shelters were rebuilt as a result of fires enveloping the camps in early Jan 2021

also benefitted from shelter assistance