Rebuild Rohingya Refugee Shelters

The Situation

A giant fire in the camps that Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are currently living in, have been destroyed, leaving thousands displaced. 

The current materials used in refugee camp shelters cannot withstand weathering and deteriorate overtime. The tarpaulin shelter roofs leak and the untreated bamboo tends to rot.
This is besides the fact that the monsoon season presents even greater hazards. Heavy rains cause landslides and slope failures making it difficult to get around and access transportation. Shelters need to be raised and protections need to be put in place for slopes. Households need better drainage and improved stairs and pathways.

How IDRF is helping

IDRF is currently on the ground, already helping to reconstruct existing shelters with stronger and more durable materials. We will be reconstructing 400 shelters that have been devastated by the fires. 

At IDRF, we believe in making our projects sustainable and holistic. To this end, we are hiring the Rohingya Refugees themselves to complete the construction work on their own shelters. This helps them earn their livelihoods, be self-sufficient and be able to take care of their other essential needs as well.


Shelter Repair

Rebuild one full shelter for a family of five to live in.


Help 1 family of 5

with winter clothes, such as blankets, jackets, and sweaters.


Shelter Assistance

Buys one family shelter materials to upgrade or repair their shelters, protecting them from the effects of winter

The Impact

shelters will be rebuilt as a result of the fires

people will receive shelter assistance

people will receive winter clothing, such as blankets