Supporting Healthcare Workers in Yemen with PPE and Training

Supporting Healthcare Workers in Yemen
with PPE and Training

The Situation

80% (approx 14.3 million) of all Yemenis need some sort of humanitarian aid and protection.

The ongoing escalating armed conflict in Yemen, in its 6th year, led to extensive destruction of the medical infrastructure across Yemen. There is a significant shortage of medical personnel in comparison with the number of people in need. Many medical facilities forcibly still depend on the undergraduate medical staff or unqualified personnel to meet the country’s increasing demand. Yemen is currently battling COVID-19 without a functional healthcare system, or adequate training and mitigation measures. For this reason, the COVID-19 pandemic is an imminent threat to a population that is already suffering from famine, insecurity, and displacement.

How IDRF is helping

IDRF is currently providing 1440 governmental and non-governmental healthcare workers in Yemen with a structured online training program focused on key topics related to public health, nutrition, protection, and primary health care management in humanitarian contexts.

IDRF is also providing 8 isolation centers run by the Ministry of Health in southern Yemen with essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including facial masks, hand sanitizers, and hand gloves.

Help support the healthworkers with PPE and Training

The Impact

healthcare workers will receive online training to provide essential knowledge and skills training.