Safe drinking water for children in Gaza

Safe drinking water for children in Gaza

Across Gaza, sources of clean, potable water are extremely scarce. Over 97% of water in Gaza is unfit for human consumption. IDRF is trucking water to 35 schools to help the most vulnerable children.

The Situation

Across Gaza, sources of clean and safe drinking water are extremely scarce. The lack of clean and accessible water across Gaza is rapidly becoming a leading cause of preventable death.

  • Over 97% of water in Gaza is unfit for human consumption
  • Only 10% of Palestinians in Gaza have access to safe drinking water (UNOCHA) due to:
    • High levels of groundwater pollution through fertilizer usage
    • Wastewater seepage into main reservoir
    • High concentrations of chloride, nitrate and salinity in Gaza’s water, as reported by the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA)
  • 1.9 millions people are negatively affected by widespread water shortages, and rising needs of hygiene and sanitation.
  • 983,623 women and 991,428 children are exposed to numerous public health risks related to:
    • poor water quality
    • poor wastewater collection and treatment
    • lack of stormwater infrastructure
    • improper hygiene and sanitation practices

    How you can help

    With your generous donations, we are distributing water to many schools across Gaza. Thousands of students have access to fresh water through these schools. 


    Provide one school

    with enough water for 1 year.


    Provides two schools

    with enough water for 1 year

    The Impact

    schools across Gaza