every drop counts

in Gaza

every drop counts

in Gaza

The Situation

Across Gaza, sources of clean, potable water are extremely scarce. Approximately two million Gazans suffer from a shortage of water, which gets exponentially worse during the summer. 

Over 97% of water extracted from Gaza aquifers is unfit for human consumption.

Ongoing water inspections by the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) and the Coastal Municipalities Water Utility (CMWU) in Gaza continue to report high concentrations of chloride, nitrate, and salinity in their water. This makes it extremely unsafe to consume leading an entire population with little to no access to water.

90% Palestinians

don’t have access to clean water

How you can help?

IDRF aims to fulfill the 6th Sustainable Development Goal of Clean Water in Gaza by digging and establishing five main water wells providing a sustainable source of potable water to the most vulnerable and in-need places across Gaza, such as hospitals, schools, and essential spaces.


Build a motorized well

providing approximately 1250 families with clean water

One water well provides water to
7,500 people, 1250 families

No matter how small the amount, contribute to a well.

Build a well, one drop at a time.

Build a well, build a community.

Start your crowdfunding campaign and create a wave of impact in a community. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much clean water will locals have access to with these wells?

The water wells will produce 20 cubic meters of water per hour. Each water well has the capacity of 15 HP (Horsepower), allowing the consumption of the direct beneficiaries for five hours without electricity. Additionally, the wells will be equipped with a Chlorine System added to clarify the water when needed.

Are there maintenance costs?

No. Once the well is built, our field team in Gaza will periodically check-in on the wells, and ensure that things are running smoothly.

What is the expected time of completion?

You can expect a final report regarding the completion of your Gaza well within 1 year from the day funds are released to IDRF. This report will include photos of your well in action and other significant details.

Are there any additional benefits of these water wells?

Definitely. Due to water shortages, farmers in Gaza are compelled to alter their traditional livelihoods and grow crops that are less water-intensive and also less profitable. Now, with the help of these advanced water wells, farmers will be able to irrigate nearby farmland and grow citrus fruits, which are known to be more profitable as farmers are capable of exporting them.

Are these wells Zakat eligible?

No. Water wells cannot be deemed zakat eligible due to the fact that these wells are used by a community of people, and we cannot provide “ownership” to one individual.

Water wells we’ve built