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In Pakistan, nearly 40 million people don’t get enough nutrients on a daily basis – nearly double the percentage of malnourished people worldwide.

“Whoever feeds a hungry person, Allah Almighty will give him share under His throne.”

With your help, we will fight hunger – one person at a time.

Food with Dignity

*Zakat and Sadaqa eligible*

In Tharparkar and Karachi, we are providing “Right Pay Food Cards” to impacted families that can be used at “Right Choice” utility stores where families can buy basic grocery items at an 8% – 12% discounted price compared to other neighbourhood shops.  

The re-loadable cards are centrally monetized by Charity Right Pakistan and cannot be exchanged for money.

$25/month will provide essential food items to deserving orphans and widows in Karachi and Tharparkar.


How much money is on each card?

The monetary value of each card is 3,500 PKR.

How do you ensure that the family you give the card to spends it?

Every card has the name and NIC (National Identity Card) number of the beneficiary card that it belongs to. To ensure that only intended beneficiaries are using them, we ask beneficiaries to carry their original National Identity Card along with their Right Pay card during payment. Our salesmen verify that the name and number on NIC and Right Pay Card match before any transaction.

How many days would the food bought from the card last?

The number of days the food will last depends on the number of people in the family, the number of kids, and the consumption pattern of a family. On average the amount of food bought is enough to last for thirty days for a family of four members.

Feed to Educate

*Sadaqa Only*

Charity Right and IDRF are working together to provide warm meals to existing students that are enrolled in schools in the Tharparkar region. As a result of this, we are hoping to encourage parents to send their children to school, in order to improve the literacy rate of Thar and improving children’s lives across the region.

The goal of this project is to increase attendance of children in schools, improve the overall BMI index of children in the region, and provide a generation of sustainability for these children. The warm meals provided to students include; chickpeas and rice, lentils and bread, and dates with milk.

    $15/month will provide one student in the Thar region with enough food to last a month.

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