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Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to connect with young Canadians and link them to an engaging career-readiness program? If so, IDRF’s Get Job Ready Ambassador position could be for you! IDRF is a Top 100 Canadian charity committed to supporting individuals across the globe with sustainable development programming designed to uplift communities and prepare people for a brighter future. Our work in Canada focuses on creating educational and economic opportunities for youth through three programs: Women in Tech, Licensed to Learn and Get Job Ready.

As Get Job Ready’s Toronto Ambassador, your primary responsibility will be to perform outreach to promote Get Job Ready to youth ages 18-29 eligible to work in Canada. No previous experience is required; however, a robust social network and connection to youth and organizations that serve youth in the Greater Toronto area are huge assets.

Your specific responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Promote Get Job Ready amongst your networks, youth and youth leaders using both digital platforms and physical marketing materials.
  2. Leverage your personal social media platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Discord) to promote Get Job Ready amongst your networks.
  3. Order meals for youth for each session, in accordance with participants’ dietary restrictions.
  4. Develop and monitor Get Job Ready sign-up forms on TypeForm.
  5. Email applicants program surveys and Participants Agreements to register participants into the program.
  6. Input data from participant surveys into IDRF’s database.
  7. Provide operational support during the workshops to assist the facilitator and youth participants.

All those interested can email their resume and cover letter to If you wish to share your social media handles to demonstrate your capacity to promote Get Job Ready to a broad audience, please add those to your resume as well.

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Human Dignity

Human dignity is the basic principle of humanitarian work. All humans deserve to live with a minimum standard of dignity and respect regardless of any circumstances. This includes a dignified quality of life. Basic human rights are fundamental to a dignified quality of life for all people.

Self Reliance & Determination

Building up communities and empowering them to become self reliant and self sufficient is the most powerful way to build a future of hope for generations to come. This is the ultimate goal of sustainable development and can best be achieved with the input and participation of the affected communities.

Social Justice

Social injustices are one of the root causes for many systemic issues around the world, including in our own societies here in the West. Social injustice perpetuates cycles of suffering, poverty and great disadvantages. And thus any long term solutions must strive towards social justice and equality for all.


Relief work and sustainable development need to go hand in hand to break the cycle of poverty and to empower disadvantaged people around the world. Sustainable development forwards the ultimate goal which is enhanced quality of life. All of our programs are designed with sustainability in mind. Sustainable development increases quality of life, and that is the goal.

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