We are People
Helping People.

Mahmood Q.

Nabil A.
Sr. Director of Operations & Programs

Aslam R.
Director of Finance

Fawad A.
Director of Fund Development

Zeina O.
Director, Giving & Impact

Elyas B.
Program Lead, National Initiatives

Augustine D.
Manager, Donor Services/IT

Sannah K.
Marketing Manager

Yasmin E.
Impact & Stewardship Manager

Bibi A.
Finance and Admin Support Officer

James D.
Senior Program Manager

Tusma S.
Youth Outreach Coordinator

Ramola C.
Office Administrator

Yussuf M.
Community Development Coordinator, Ontario

Hanif S.
Community Development Coordinator, Ontario

Eduardo A.
Community Development Manager, East

Ali H.
Community Development Manager, West

Media H.
Program Officer

Shumu H.
Impact & Stewardship Coordinator

Namrata D.
Executive Assistant

Sumaiya J.
Program Officer

Hirra F.
Content and Digital Marketing Coordinator

Hafiza M.
Accountant Manager

Asad W.
Digital Marketing Manager

Mohammad S.
Video Editor

Mohammed A.
Palestine Country Director

Yasir K.
Pakistan Country Director

Board of Directors

Reza R.

Yasmeena M.

Marzia H.
Vice Chair

Muhammad M.
Vice Chair

Mukthar R.

Nurhan A.
General Secretary

Winston K.
Board Member

Jawaid M.
Board Member

Zeib J.
Board Member

Seema R.
Board Member

Fatima L.
Board Member

Muzna A.
Board Member