Basic healthcare shouldn’t be a luxury, it can save lives.

IDRF’s health programs provide access to premium, essential health care services to families in need. Families who are otherwise unable to access even the most basic medical care.


Many people in the developing world lack access to the most basic primary healthcare. It is common for people in these regions to suffer and die from preventable diseases and illnesses. This is especially true for mothers and their newborns. Insufficient maternity care often leads to a high rate of deaths for pregnant women. 


women die everyday 
from preventable 


developing nations
have fewer nurses
and midwives


children in Pakistan
are diagnosed
with cancer everyday


Maternal & Newborn Health in Pakistan

In the impoverished district of Tharparkar, basic health care for mothers and newborns is non-existent. IDRF is training midwife practitioners to be dispatched to vulnerable areas in the region.

Eyeglasses for Gaza

The Palestinian Information Medical Center reports close to 5,000 students being diagnosed with visual impairments. IDRF is providing affected children with certified optometry assessments, and a pair of prescription eyeglasses.

Cancer Treatment for Children in Pakistan

About 8000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year in Pakistan. Through Indus Hospital, IDRF is providing quality, free cancer treatment to children under 18.