Medical Support
in India

Medical Support in India

The Situation

In 2021, India faced a massive COVID-19 outbreak that led to thousands of deaths.  Due to the pandemic and the vast population, government services have been unable to deal with the growing needs of the population.

The second COVID-19 wave deeply impacted the health conditions of the people of India. With limited to no resources or funds available, philanthropic hospitals and services are struggling to fill the gaps in primary healthcare services.

In the aftermath of the peak of high COVID-19 cases, families and communities are still in need of support. Many are still unable to access medical services and require food assistance as many have reduced or lost sources of income during the lockdowns.

How IDRF is helping

IDRF’s goal is to minimize the after effects of the COVID-19 pandemic by supporting primary healthcare systems and providing food packets to impacted families in need to meet their nutritional needs.

Medical support will be provided to medical facilities in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and Bangalore in the form of pharmaceutical support and assisting with medical procedures for dialysis patients. 

Food packs will include items such as rice, wheat, cooking oil, sugar, peanuts etc.

UPDATE (January 2022): 

During the winter months of 2022, IDRF is also providing some winter support to the patients and affected communities. Blankets and food boxes will be distributed to help families across Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Bangalore during the Winter Season.


Food Parcel

will provide one family with staples for a month, including rice, wheat, cooking oils etc.


Winter Support

will provide one family with blankets and food packs


Medical Support

will provide pharmaceutical support and assisting with medical procedures for dialysis patients.