Education plays a pivotal role in eradicating poverty.

Our education programs provide children and youth with access to high-quality education. By teaching skills that make students employable, we aim to bring children out of poverty and improve their long-term well-being.


Across the world, Education is a primary right of every child. And it plays a pivotal role in eradicating poverty in the long-run. 


    Children do not
    have a school
    to attend


    Girls do not
    attend primary or
    secondary school


    of girls are
    still in school
    by grade 9

    When a girl receives education:

    • She is 6 times less likely to be married off as a child.
    • More likely to have healthier children.
    • Her children are more likely to go to school. 

    Education creates a positive cycle of change. It makes them employable, enhancing their quality of life.

    Education eradicates poverty in the long-run.


    Education for Children in Gaza

    Economic, political and social barriers have hindered access to safe and quality education in Gaza leading to poor academic achievement and a perpetuated cycle of poverty. We are providing 7,600 children with various education programs through the Learning Centre for Children in Gaza. 

    Education, Trauma, and Rehabilitation Centre for Children in Gaza

    IDRF is continuing to provide children and youth with Education and quality psychological support in order to combat trauma that exists for vulnerable children living in conflict. 

    Educational Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Guyana

    We support hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children in Guyana to receive adequate and consistent education throughout the year by assisting with any challenges preventing them from attending school.

    Girls Education in Pakistan

    IDRF is working to ensure that girls throughout Pakistan have access to adequate education to help them reach their highest potential.

    Licensed 2 Learn

    Poverty and lack of resources when it comes to education is a problem in our own backyard, in Canada. So, we are providing children with free tutoring and support. While at the same time training tutors so they can support their peers and become exceptional teachers and mentors.

    Technical & Vocational Education for Women in Gaza

    The economy in Gaza and across Palestine continues to be heavily impacted by restrictions imposed under occupation. IDRF is training train women with skills (sewing, cooking and making hygiene products) to enter the workforce. 

    Empowering Women and Girls in Pakistan through Education

    Through Akhuwat, IDRF is providing women and girls in Pakistan have access to quality education, including classes like driving lessons, mental health services, and English classes. 

    Professional Education for Students in Pakistan

    IDRF and Professional Education Foundation (PEF) are dedicated to providing access to higher education for underprivileged students in Pakistan. By providing education bursaries, we give them the space to achieve their goals. 

    The Impact

    students received educational support in 2022

    IDRF’s education programs provide children and youth with access to basic, high-quality education. By teaching skills that make them employable, we aim to improve their long-term well-being by taking them out of poverty.

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