Girls Education
in Pakistan

Girls Education in Pakistan

IDRF is working to ensure that girls throughout Pakistan have access to adequate education to help them reach their highest potential.

The Situation

Government schools remain the only means of education available for nearly two-thirds of the Pakistani population.

It’s been reported that children do not have access to the highest education level while attending government schools because of students’ limited resources. Additionally, widespread safety and security concerns continue to affect women’s and girls’ access to quality education.

How you can help

Your generous donations help IDRF support girls’ education in Pakistan. We overhauled a government school in Karachi and have rebuilt a model school. Equipped with modern facilities, these students have access to a high quality education as well as enriched extracurricular activities. This school serves as a model school or other government schools in the area.


    Help one student

    Support academic, co-curricular and nutrition-based programming


    Help two students

    Support academic, co-curricular and nutrition-based programming


    Help three students

    Support academic, co-curricular and nutrition-based programming

    The Impact

    female youth provided with the opportunity to take part in various academic and co-curricular programs

    • This project is supporting the health and wellness of students by providing 200 kindergarten, class 1 and 2 students with a nutritious breakfast prepared and served to students daily. 
    • Supporting the professional development of 56 female educators.
    • The initiative is led by a professional development team working in close collaboration with teaching staff to:
    • improve daily lesson plans
    • diversify teaching strategies 
    • participate in subject-specific training and workshops.