We are people helping people.

IDRF is a non-profit Canadian registered charity working with partners around the world and locally to facilitate relief and development programs that target vulnerable populations, helping to alleviate immediate and long term troubles.

We are people helping people.

IDRF is a non-profit Canadian registered charity working with partners around the world and locally to facilitate relief and development programs that target vulnerable populations, helping to alleviate immediate and long term troubles.


IDRF (International Development and Relief Foundation) is a Canadian registered charitable organization dedicated to empowering the disadvantaged people of the world. IDRF provides effective humanitarian aid and sustainable development programs, without discrimination, based on the Islamic principles of human dignity, self-reliance, and social justice.


IDRF seeks to provide the most vulnerable communities with the means to create lives of dignity, equality and sustainability, towards a more just world. 

IDRF believes that the best way to approach community development is to partner with local experts, international NGOs, and grassroots organizations, and to leverage our community’s resources to ensure maximum impact. Our projects are initiated by our local partners who understand the challenges and opportunities of the particular context in which they live and work.

Since 1984, IDRF has implemented relief and development projects across territories in South and Southeast Asia, Africa, the Americas, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Our Story

Spring 1984 marked the beginning of what would become IDRF today. We started as the International Refugee and Relief Program (IRRP), established under the leadership of Dr. Fuad Sahin, Ebrahim Syed and Muin Muinuddin. IRRP helped successfully sponsor hundreds of refugees to Canada.

Soon it became apparent that even though there was a need to respond to urgent crises, there was also a pressing need to combat the underlying causes of poverty and vulnerability. A focus on “development” became a major goal of the organization and so IRRP morphed into the International Development and Refugee Foundation. IDRF would now  also concentrate on helping people at the grassroots to address more long term needs aimed at improving quality of life.

Due to government policy changes, IDRF stopped sponsoring refugees and so, in 2000 the word Refugee was replaced with Relief. And that’s the IDRF we know and love today: the International Development and Relief Foundation.

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Our Commitment

Behind the words refugee, IDP, poverty, behind every statistic is a person. A person with hopes, dreams, memories. A person who has suffered, who has lost their home, lost their families, lost themselves and still find the strength each day to keep going. Behind every statistic is resilience, determination and a spirit trying to heal. Behind every tear is a smile waiting to blossom.

And behind every fundraising appeal, behind every dollar, behind every impact number, is someone who wants to help. Someone willing to give of themselves to lift a brother up. To help a sister out. To build a bridge of hope from a past of loss and suffering to a future of hope and healing.

We are people helping people. It’s that simple.



We are committed to building trust with the communities that we work in, including our donors and beneficiaries. We promise to be transparent in our spending, in our work, and in our outcomes. We are committed to sharing our reports, financials, and goals with all interested parties and stakeholders.


Just as we hold ourselves accountable to our Creator, we hold ourselves accountable to you: the community of donors and supporters who make our work possible, and to our beneficiaries.


We are committed to providing equitable distribution of relief goods and access to development resources and programming. We promise to do so in a way that respects the cultural, religious, and spiritual integrity of  all beneficiaries and promotes social justice and equality.

Our Values

Human Dignity

Human dignity is the basic principle of humanitarian work. All humans deserve to live with a minimum standard of dignity and respect regardless of any circumstances. This includes a dignified quality of life. Basic human rights are fundamental to a dignified quality of life for all people.

Self Reliance & Determination

Building up communities and empowering them to become self reliant and self sufficient is the most powerful way to build a future of hope for generations to come. This is the ultimate goal of sustainable development and can best be achieved with the input and participation of the affected communities.

Social Justice

Social injustices are one of the root causes for many systemic issues around the world, including in our own societies here in the West. Social injustice perpetuates cycles of suffering, poverty and great disadvantages. And thus any long term solutions must strive towards social justice and equality for all.


Relief work and sustainable development need to go hand in hand to break the cycle of poverty and to empower disadvantaged people around the world. Sustainable development forwards the ultimate goal which is enhanced quality of life. All of our programs are designed with sustainability in mind. Sustainable development increases quality of life, and that is the goal.

Help us create a kinder tomorrow. Join the IDRF family today.