The future of every community lies in its youth.

IDRF’ student-led groups that come together on a regular basis to make
a difference in the lives of those in need.

By joining or creating a school/university club, you will be the FACE of the organization by fundraising, advocating, and providing much-needed support to our beneficiaries around the world. Your club decides how you’re going to raise funds to change lives – the possibilities are endless. Fundraisers can be as fun, as ambitious, as unique, as easy as you want.

objectives of IDRF

student club

IDRF UCalgary

The objective of IDRF UCalgary is:

  • To facilitate and foster a humanitarian community within and beyond the University.
  • To advocate development and relief that prioritizes the fulfillment of rights, needs, and aspirations of the world’s poorest and most marginalized peoples. Through fundraising, volunteering, outreach, activism training, and further means.

Help us support and create opportunities of growth for youth in Canada. Join the IDRF family today.