Economic Development

Economic Development fosters lifelong prosperity.

Our Economic Development programs assist women, men, and youth to make a transition from poverty to prosperity and self-reliance. Our vocational programs  allow these individuals to learn valuable skills that lead to long-term employment, our work eliminates barriers to job market and leads to a pathway for career success.



People live in


People live on
less than $2.50 
a day


Women & children

We strongly believe that economic development is directly linked to long-term financial independence. That’s why we are committed to creating economic opportunities that promote sustainable development.

Our development programs achieve the following:

  • Train people in skills that will lead them to employment
  • Provide individuals with both knowledge and resources physical tools that lead to sustainable economic solutions


Sustainable Farming in Gaza

The humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip has left two million residents with very limited access to essential services. The region’s agriculture has faced devastating consequences as a result. Our project will rehabilitate and plant 36 acres of farmland. 

Women Learning to Code & Take Leadership

Women in Tech

From teaching young women how to build apps to analyzing data using computer programs and algorithms, IDRF’s Tech program creates opportunities to learn important skills and develop a pathway to work in the digital space.

Get Job Ready

Get Job Ready

Young Canadians face a rapidly changing economy, and most employers are reluctant to hire recent graduates. In our workshops, we work with young grads to strengthen their soft-skills preparing them for the job market.

Salesforce ADM 2O1 Certification

A free program aimed at all individuals who are interested to work within the industry as software developers focused on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Pathways to a Career in Insurance

A program to train young women to work in the finance and insurance industries, launch successful careers and connect with other emerging professionals.

Cash-Intervention Somalia

Approximately, 5.9 million people in Somalia need humanitarian assistance. IDRF is providing cash-based interventions for families in need to encourage independence and sustainability. 

The Impact

individuals finding employment every year

But it’s not just these individuals who are now out of poverty. It’s a lot more than that. When we are able to help an individual to find work, we enable them to provide for their families as well. That means enhancing the lives of 4,618 families in the process.

We target communities with chronic levels of employment instability and provide individuals with skills-training in fields that are high in demand.