Cash Intervention in Somalia

Cash Intervention in Somalia

The Situation

In Somalia, 5.9 million people required humanitarian assistance in 2021 alone. The humanitarian crisis in Somalia is among the most complex and long-standing in the world. Insecurity, as well as recurrent climatic shocks, continue high levels of humanitarian needs.

The threats of desert locusts, Covid-19 pandemic, mixed rains performance and droughts have exacerbated the fragile humanitarian situation.

Although, food vouchers and food boxes make a significant difference in the lives of our beneficiaries, providing people in need with the autonomy and freedom to choose how to spend their money is becoming increasingly important.


5.9 million

people required humanitarian assistance


Humantarian crisis is among the most complex in the world

What are cash interventions?

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), cash intervention programs are essential to creating sustainability against poverty and food insecurity. Cash Intervention programs provide beneficiaries with monetary access to make their own decisions.

The reality is that every family has different needs and each family needs to have the autonomy to make decisions for themselves. For example, a family could have different medical and dietary needs and having access to cash-intervention programs gives beneficiaries the autonomy to make those decisions for themselves. You can read more about the increasing importance of cash interventions here. 

How is IDRF helping

With your donations, we will provide 250 households in Somalia $80 a month of cash to last them a month, in order to give them the autonomy to become sustainable and support them in their economic difficulties.

$80 = one month

250 households
x 2 months

$160 = two months