East Africa Drought

The Situation

The Horn of Africa is on the brink of catastrophe as more than 13 million people face severe hunger amidst one of the worst droughts since 1981.

The drought has destroyed more than 1.5 million livestock and drastically cut cereal production. Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya are the most significantly impacted.

The ongoing drought in Somalia has left 4.1 million people on the brink. Among that population are 1.4 million children, nearly half of the country’s under-five population, who are likely to suffer from acute malnutrition. About a quarter of the 1.4 million children, equivalent to 329,500 children, will suffer from severe malnutrition this year.

Globally we all know that humanitarian emergencies of this size disproportionately affect children. Unless urgent measures are taken, we can see hundreds of millions of children at risk of losing their lives. The Horn of Africa needs your support now more than ever!

1.4 million

children in somalia under the age of 5 will suffer from accute malnutrition

13 million

people face severe hunger

1.5 million

livestock has been destroyed and cereal production is drastically cut

4.1 million

people in somalia are on the brink

How IDRF is helping

IDRF is currently on the ground working to provide treatment for children through Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods (RUTF), food parcels for families and water.


Support an entire family with food, nutrition, and clean water today.


What is RUTF?

“RUTFs” stands for “Ready-to-use Therapeutic Foods.” RUTFs are a type of therapeutic food used in community-based treatment for uncomplicated forms of severe acute malnutrition. Typically, RUTFs are made from peanut-based paste, oil, sugar and powdered milk, with added vitamins and minerals.

How much does it cost to support a family in this region?

For only $100, you can support an entire family with food, including RUTF for children and clean water. Please help save a life today.