Water trucking in Yemen

The Situation

Yemen is dealing with the worst water shortage than any other country in the Middle East. The average person in the Middle East has 1,250 millimeter (mm) of water per year. The average person in Yemen has only 140 mm of water per year.

The water crisis in Yemen has the potential to cause the destruction of the nation.

The water crisis was triggered by a sharp population increase, misguided agricultural policies promoting the use of water, a lack of governmental regulation on using water, and a vulnerable climate to global warming. All of these re-occurring issues throughout the years has led to the countries worst water crisis the nation has seen.


of all rural conflicts in Yemen are related
to water

How you can help?

With your generous donations, we are distributing water to families in Aden and Abyan. Your donation will help prevent outbreaks such as cholera and malnutrition.


Water For A Family

10L of water to one family per day for two months


Water For 2 Families

10L of water to one family per day for two months

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