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When it comes to providing support for those in need, IDRF believes in the value of your efforts – no matter how big or small. Whether it’s reaching out online or through your own communities and classrooms, there are many meaningful and valuable ways for you and your family to get involved in IDRF’s causes. All the funds that you raise will go where they are needed most.

Fundraise for Us

Fundraise for us

Gather your friends and family together to raise funds for that cause that you are most passionate about.

Honour the memory

Fundraise in Memory

Honour the memory of a relative, friend, or colleague, and help create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and injustice in their name.

Lets Celebrate

Fundraise in Celebration

Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or special occasion by raising funds for those in need around the world!

Build a well, one drop at a time.

Join the IDRF Community and gather your friends and family together to raise funds for a cause that you are most passionate about.

Email us with your full name, the country you would like to build a well in, and your overall goal.

Before you start your JustGiving crowdfunding campaign take these pointers into consideration:

  1. 80% of funds are received in the first and last 3 days, so make sure to start and finish your campaign strategically.
  2. Make your campaign 30 days long for the most effective fundraising experience.
  3. Change your funding type to “all-or-nothing”Please note that we are unable to move forward with water well fundraisers until the exact amount of the well is raised, as our water wells have a fixed cost (with an additional cost for plaques).
  4. It is advised to set your goal $300 higher than the cost of the well to avoid absorbing LaunchGood administration fees. For example, if you are fundraising for a regular Yemen well with no plaque, we would suggest you change your goal to $5300 as JustGiving has an admin fee of $300 which is automatically deducted.
  5. Download your crowdfunding kit here. Use your crowdfunding kit to gain attraction on social media and other platforms.

Even the smallest of efforts can lead to great change.

    Spread the word about IDRF’s great work by connecting IDRF with your social network through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube.

    smallest of efforts can lead to great change.