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Enter in the required information below, and we will process the payments on each of the dates that you select below.

Each night, we will charge payments at 12 pm EST.

IDRF will direct all the funds from 10 Best Days Ajr Automation to a Food where most needed fund.

Step 1: Set and Schedule your giving amount

Set and Schedule your giving amount Please input the amount based on when you'd like to make your donations

Dhul-Hijjah 1
June 19

Dhul-Hijjah 2
June 20

Dhul-Hijjah 3
June 21

Dhul-Hijjah 4
June 22

Dhul-Hijjah 5
June 23

Dhul-Hijjah 6
June 24

Dhul-Hijjah 7
June 25

Dhul-Hijjah 8
June 26

Dhul-Hijjah 9
June 27

Dhul-Hijjah 10
June 28

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Please fill the donation amount for at least 1 day in this holy month of dhul-hijjah.

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Auto-donation for First 10 Days: