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A Devastating Earthquake Strikes Morocco

On September 8, Morocco was struck by a rare 6.8M earthquake, which was felt as far as Algeria and Portugal, rocking the historic city of Marrakech. With over 300,000 people affected, 2,000+ lives lost, and thousands injured, the toll only continues to climb, making this Morocco’s deadliest earthquake in decades.

Thousands of families have been displaced, mountains of rubble continue to prevent search and rescue efforts, and landslides have blocked off entire villages. The scale of this tragedy is alarming — but we are determined to make a difference.

Together, we can bring hope to Morocco.

How is IDRF helping?

After conducting thorough assessments, IDRF is embarking on life-saving relief efforts in Morocco. With decades of experience in disaster relief, we are committed to providing immediate aid and sustainable support in these trying times.

IDRF is launching an emergency fund to support our relief efforts, which will include the following:

• Health Care:
Setting up emergency medical services to treat the injured.

• Clean Water: Deploying clean water solutions ensures families have access to safe drinking water.

• Food Distribution: Providing hot, ready-made meals for families who have been displaced.

• Search and Rescue: Supporting teams who work tirelessly to rescue those trapped under the rubble.


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Morocco Earthquake Relief

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