Libya Flood Relief

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#Stormdaniel hits Libya

On Sunday, September 10, 2023, Libya was struck by a calamity of unprecedented magnitude. Storm Daniel, akin to a Mediterranean hurricane, led to an unprecedented deluge in Derna. Entire communities were obliterated — and the death toll has tripled within hours, rising from over 6,000 lives, to nearly 20,000.

In addition to this incalculable loss of human life, dams have collapsed, bridges were decimated, and neighbourhoods lay in ruin. The reports of cries echoing from beneath the debris, with bodies being washed back to shore from the sea, are a harrowing testament to the scale of human suffering.

In light of the enormous challenge ahead and the dire need for immediate intervention, we at IDRF are actively mobilizing our resources and expertise. We urgently call upon our global network for support.

How is IDRF helping?

Our field partners have informed us that the following services are urgently needed, and our IDRF team will work to fulfill such needs to support those affected on the ground. Our response will include the following:

Search and Rescue Initiatives: With thousands still missing, every moment counts. Our efforts include procuring specialized equipment and teams to support finding people under the rubble.

Medical Supplies and Support: The need for medical assistance is dire. Beyond treating immediate injuries, there is a pressing need to prevent the outbreak of waterborne diseases. Our response encompasses emergency medical kits, medicines, trained personnel, and disinfectants to ensure a safe water supply.

Shelter and Housing: Thousands have been displaced, seeking refuge from the aftermath. Providing tents bedding materials is paramount to ensure the well-being of the affected populace.

Hot Meals and Supplementary Food: As food is urgently needed for families that have not eaten in days, our team will prioritize hot meals and supplementary food items to meet dietary requirements and support children’s nutrition.


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Libya Flood Relief

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