More New Canadians than Ever can Get Job Ready from Home

Jun 12, 2020

IDRF partners with Institute of Canadian Citizenship to promote free program   

TORONTO, June 12, 2020 – The Get Job Ready program will now be available to more new Canadians online than ever before thanks to a collaborative effort between the Institute of Canadian Citizenship (ICC) and IDRF (International Development and Relief Foundation).

Get Job Ready is a free IDRF program dedicated to helping young and new Canadians overcome the barriers they face in getting academic support and gaining access to the labour market. Since 2017, the four-day program has taught thousands of Canadians between the ages of 18-29 how to navigate the job market and acquire essential employment skills. Get Job Ready was originally delivered in the classroom, but more recently became available online.

In order to help more people take advantage of Get Job Ready, IDRF and the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) are collaborating to promote the program to new Canadians. The ICC works to support newcomer and immigrant communities, and has an established network of over 100,000 new Canadian citizens across the country. With this extended reach, ICC will be able to make sure this community can reach and benefit from IDRF’s Get Job Ready program.

“These are challenging and uncertain times for everyone, especially for newcomers in search of a better life, who may be having a difficult time adjusting and integrating into their communities and workforce,” said Mahmood Qasim, CEO of IDRF. “With the support of ICC, we will be able to reach and help more young newcomers to Canada to Get Job Ready.”

“The ICC works to create a world where people, policy and practices are inclusive by default, and our programs in support of newcomers and new Canadians are a critical part of that work,” said Yasmine Mohamed, a Director at the ICC. “We know how important it is for those on their citizenship journey to have access to inclusive tools and services, and so we’re pleased to support IDRF’s Get Job Ready program.”

Get Job Ready has been adapted to the current work and economic climate. For example, it identifies the various types of jobs available in today’s market, provides training on how to do effective video job interviews, stresses the importance of learning new skills during a period of isolation, and encourages relationship building with professionals in their chosen fields. Furthermore, IDRF offers support for participants upon completion of the program, helping them prepare for interviews by conducting practice sessions through video and even using the voice notes features on What’s App and Instagram. In addition, participants are given financial literacy training on how to invest and save money once they find work.

And Get Job Ready has a proven track record — more than 55% of participants have found jobs, and 68% report they have been called for two or more job interviews.

The Get Job Ready initiative is supported through the RBC Future Launch program, which for the past three years has been a major sponsor. RBC Future Launch is a 10-year, $500-million initiative to help young people gain access and opportunity to the skills, job experience and career networks needed for the future world of work.

About the Institute for Canadian Citizenship

Powered by a passionate and committed national network, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) delivers programs and special projects that inspire inclusion, create opportunities to connect, and encourage active citizenship. The ICC is a national charity co-founded and co-chaired by The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson and John Ralston Saul.

About IDRF

IDRF is a Canadian registered charitable organization dedicated to empowering disadvantaged people in Canada and around the world. Founded in 1984, IDRF has an enviable reputation as one of Canada’s best-run charities and has been recognized by third-party organizations such as the Financial Post and MoneySense for its effectiveness, efficiency, and results.  IDRF has also been blessed with outstanding leadership and governance, and has board directors who have been publicly recognized with Order of Canada, Order of Ontario, and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for volunteerism. Find out more about IDRF’s programs for youth, and follow us on FacebookInstagram  and LinkedIn.

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