A Five Year Strategy 2022-2027

At IDRF, our programs focus on addressing current challenges while investing in the future of people and communities. We incorporate these practices through our five-year strategy of “A Brighter Future”.

For each sector, our programming reflects the needs that arise deliver long-term sustainable solutions. At IDRF, our programs actively address and work towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals so that we can create a brighter future for those who need it most.

The Future of Food Security

Sustainability is a multifaceted issue, in which food access and meeting basic nutritional needs is crucial. Achieving a healthy and sustainable food future is an urgent matter that depends on global collaboration.

In the next five years, IDRF aims to achieve a sustainable and resilient food system through our communities by:.

  • Ensuring our food packages address the complex cultural and regional needs.
  • Increase women’s active participation and leadership in the decision making process of local food access and security.
  • Supporting farmers and local communities to adapt to climate change and build more resilient food systems.

Water for All

Water and sanitation flow through every aspect of sustainable development. We believe that access to this essential service is a human right. In the coming years, IDRF aims to improve water security for the most vulnerable communities. This will be done by implementing and altering affordable access to clean drinking water, by:

  • Ensuring management structures that are gender-inclusive
  • Creating multi-use water systems to provide for communities, healthcare facilities and agriculture.
  • Continuing to build and rehabilitate water wells that will be supported and maintained by the local community.
  • Providing education about sanitation and hygiene practices to villages and schools.

Better Health, Brighter Futures

The global pandemic has significantly affected global health and health systems. Years of progress made in global health is now at risk of disappearing. In the next 5 years, IDRF aims to repair and strengthen access to healthcare by:

  • Strengthening local health systems through capacity building, establishing remote clinics and providing medical equipment.
  • Supporting midwifery programs and establishing women’s health centres.
  • Expanding access to diagnostic services.

Education is the Answer

Education is vital in alleviating poverty, improving lives, and creating thriving communities. For our 5-year strategy, IDRF will work towards promoting learning and development for all, through:

  • Providing education services for children and youth and aid in minimizing the psychological impact of disasters and emergencies.
  • Supporting teacher’s professional development and improving access to learning resources.
  • Developing curriculum to promote creative learning and inclusion of mental health and human rights.
  • Removing and reducing the lack of accessibility to education for girls and children with special needs.
  • Continue to provide food and financial assistance to students and their families.

Training for a Brighter Future

Equitable and sustainable economic recovery is key in building resilient communities in a post-pandemic world. In the next 5 years, IDRF aims to ensure marginalized communities are not left behind in the global economic recovery efforts by:

  • Develop and promote sustainable agriculture and livestock programs.
  • Address gender disparity and gender pay gap in the workforce.
  • Promote small and medium-sized businesses and support informal sector workers