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Heavy monsoon rains have returned to Pakistan, further disrupting lives in areas still struggling to recover from last year’s deadly floods that affected 33 million people, claiming 1,739 lives.

Severe flooding 10 months ago killed over 1,700, displaced 8 million, and cost the economy $30 billion. The country faces lingering crop shortages, homelessness, and challenges in rebuilding, food supply, health care, and debt. Relief aid has dwindled, leaving Pakistan vulnerable to the pernicious cycle of climate change: intensified rainfall leading to severe flooding, hindering recovery efforts from previous disasters. The nation urgently needs support to break this destructive pattern.

Phase 1:

Your donations have reached Balochistan, Punjab, Sindh, and Pakhtunkhwa

Through our local IDRF team in Pakistan, we have wrapped up phase 1 of our Pakistan Emergency response , providing families with emergency food boxes and emergency kits which contain basic hygiene items such as soap, toothbrushes, female hygiene items, oral rehydration tabs, clean water filtration units, and solar lights. These kits also provide mosquito nets, blankets, pillows, mattresses, kitchen items, and livestock feed for families across the regions of Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Phase 2:

Rebuild and Recover

Building off of our initial emergency response, IDRF will now be moving into the rebuild and recovery phase of our emergency response programming.

How IDRF is helping?

IDRF is working to provide sustainable assistance for crisis relief in Pakistan. In response to devastating floods, IDRF provided emergency relief kits to affected families, and is now rebuilding critical infrastructure to address the long-term impact on housing and agriculture.


Food Kits

Provide one family in Sindh with a kit containing food rations to last a month.


Medical Support for Expecting Mothers

In partnership with local hospitals, provide essential medical support for expecting mothers through mobile medical units in Jacobabad, Sindh to provide prenatal care to expecting mothers. They receive medical support, if needed, vitamins and food to ensure they remain healthy during and after their pregnancy.


Temporary Learning Centres

Help build a temporary learning centre for children to continue their education. Students receive educational support in subjects such as language, math, and sciences.


Temporary Bamboo Shelter Reconstruction

Build a semi-permanent 14×14 bamboo shelter in Sindh. Each bamboo shelter contains two rooms and comes equipped with a washroom. The residents themselves will be paid to build the shelters, providing families with safe housing and a source of income for the community.


Permanent House Reconstruction

Build a full cement house in Quetta, Balochistan. Each house contains one room, with a kitchen, washroom and a veranda providing families with safe housing.


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I want to donate

Our Emergency Response Approach

Our long term , ‘Brighter Future’ strategy builds upon emergency relief  by providing long-term sustainable solutions to mitigate any potential disaster or crisis in the future.


Our response efforts in Pakistan include emergency first aid, food, health care support, water, hygiene, and sanitation items.


In phase 2, we focus on rebuilding the infrastructure of communities. This includes shelter rehabilitation and access to clean drinkable water.


Our recovery stage will enable businesses and schools to establish pre-disaster operations. We do this by supporting small businesses, reconstructing schools, and educational activities.


The last phase, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) programs is establish within local communities. This will allow us to train teams on their environmental vulnerabilities to ensure that we are implementing strategies to prevent for any future natural disasters.

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