Bangladesh & India Flood Relief

Bangladesh & India Flood Relief

9.5 million

people stranded with little to no food

2 Million Homes

are underwater in the state of Assam in India

The Situation

Due to climate change, multiple landslides, lightning strikes, and flash floods across India and Bangladesh millions have been displaced and hundreds have died. 

Northeastern India and Northern Bangladesh are experiencing some of the worst floods in the region in years, leaving some towns completely cut off and underwater.

The flash floods in Northern Bangladesh affected an estimated 4.3 million people in seven northeastern districts.

Around 94% of Sunamganj and over 84% of Sylhet are underwater.

The situation is worsening as rainfall continues. With major roads, railways and air services suspended, accessing these communities will become more difficult as the situation progresses. 

How is IDRF helping

In response, IDRF is providing immediate emergency response kits, which include food, water and hygiene kits to families and individuals whose lives have been adversely affected by the drastic floods. Through IDRF’s rapid response, those in need will be
given hygiene items, and food parcels to alleviate the food insecurity caused by the natural disaster.


Emergency First Aid and Food Kits