Water tanks
in Somalia

Water tanks in Somalia

Across Somalia, an estimated 2.9 million people require immediate aid in water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), and IDRF is providing water trucking to these regions that are in dire need.

The Situation

An estimated 2.9 million people require immediate aid in water, sanitation, and hygiene.

  • Waterborne diseases are a constant threat to the health and well-being of Somalia’s IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) population.

  • Women and children are disproportionately affected in this crisis.

  • Limited access to soap and functional handwashing facilities in IDP camps across the country.

    How you can help

    • Elevated water tanks
    • Berkads (water reservoir used in arid areas to collect water during the wet season for use in the dry season)
    • Water-trucking to targeted settlements 
    • Distribution of hygiene kits; consisting of purifying aqua tabs, jerry cans, and soapIDRF has facilitated:


      Help 1 family

      Supply clean water and hygiene kits to a household for a period of 3 months


      Help two families

      Help support the construct one elevated water tank or berkad


      Help three families

      with essential hygiene items, as well as enough food to last for one month

      The Impact

      • 2 elevated water tanks in the Banadir region of Somalia
      • 3 berkads in the Bay and Lower Shabelle regions. 
      • Positively impacted the needs of 44,000 Internationally Displaced Persons (IDPs) for clean water. 
      • Responding to the hygiene and sanitization needs of 1000 households (6,000 Internationally Displaced Persons), IDRF has distributed hygiene kits for a period of 3 months. Each kit included 240 purifying aqua tabs, 2 Jerry cans, 2 buckets and 3 bars of soap