Water trucking in Somalia

The Situation

Waterborne diseases are a constant threat to the health and well-being of Somalia’s IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) population. This is due to the ongoing water crisis in Somalia.

The water crisis leads to women and children being disproportionately affected and at high risk.

The lack of access to water leads to a lack of hygiene and limited access to soap and functional handwashing facilities in IDP camps across the country are the direct cause of the population dealing with water-borne diseases.

2.9 million people

require immediate aid in water, sanitation,
and hygiene

How you can help?

IDRF is providing water-trucking services to families in Somalia. Your donation will help families and households by providing more accessibility to water and basic hygiene and sanitation.


Help 1 family

Supply clean water to a household for one month.


Help 2 families

Supply clean water to two households for one month.


Help 4 families

Supply clean water to four households for one month.

The best charity is giving water to drink.

– Ahmad