An Open letter to the Government of Canada: Seeking Urgent Assistance for Devastating Floods in Pakistan

Aug 30, 2022

Toronto, ON August 29 2022 – On behalf of the International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF), we call on the Government of Canada, as a key ally, in support of our humanitarian response in Pakistan where some 30 million people have been impacted by destructive floods.

We, at the International Development and Relief Foundation, have a long history of responding to humanitarian needs in Pakistan. In 2010, our team not only provided immediate emergency relief to flood victims in many regions of Pakistan but also rebuilt over 1000 homes, which still stand today. IDRF is aware that Canada’s development partnership with Pakistan spans nearly 70 years. Similar to 2010, we are asking the Government of Canada to establish a Pakistan Relief Fund of $50M in support of continued humanitarian response providing both immediate emergency kits and long-term rehabilitation.

In order to have the greatest impact, we feel it is necessary to have the Government of Canada provide support to organizations outside of the humanitarian coalition. By providing assistance to those international relief organizations, including IDRF, that currently have a strong foot-print in Pakistan, we can most effectively combine efforts in this humanitarian crisis. We request that the establishment of such a Pakistan Relief Fund be coupled with matching funding raised by Canadian organizations.

We express our deep concern regarding the adverse effects that this monsoon season is presently having and will continue to have, on the well-being of vulnerable communities in Pakistan. Over half a million people are in camps and others are stranded.

Pakistan ranks among the most climate-vulnerable countries in the world and is estimated to have lost nearly 10,000 lives to climate-related disasters and suffered about $4 billion in losses between 1998 and 2018. We are mindful that the effects of climate change-induced extreme weather pose a challenge to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Pakistan therefore; we need to work together to prevent and mitigate continuous life-threatening risks.

We, at IDRF, an internationally recognized and registered non-profit organization in Pakistan and well-known as one of the top 100 Canadian charities, are committed to working in solidarity, across nations and generations, to address the challenges Pakistan faces. We further commit to continue working with all partners to ensure that vulnerable communities have the long-term assistance they need to support recovery.

Download the PDF of this letter here.

About IDRF:
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Zeina Osman
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