Turn cold nights to warm winters

This year has been very challenging. We emerged from a nearly three-year, global pandemic while facing the emerging reality of climate change, political turmoils, and economic disparity led by inflation. However, through it all, your support has remained consistent.

As the year comes to an end, let’s make sure we end it off strong. Children in drought-ridden countries and children who have survived recent flash floods will all be experiencing harsh winters this year, as they struggle through the cold.

Many children across the world are about to experience a harsh winter. In addition to the cold, children around the world will also be going to sleep with empty stomachs due to the causes of climate change, conflict, and inflation.

Use your Sadaqah or Zakat to bring warmth to a family this winter.

    Yasmine Al-Hussein, Gaza


Yasmine is a mother of two suffering from chronic diabetes. Her husband is unemployed and cannot provide his wife and children with basic food and necessities. The lack of access to basic amenities like gas leaves Yasmine and her children hungry with no access to warmth or food. Yasmine and her children have not had protein included in their diet for months leaving them deprived of essential nutrients.

Thanks to your donations last year, our winter kits have provided the Al-Hussein family with food, amenities, nutrition, blankets, shoes, winter jackets, clothing, and warmth.

Help others like Yasmine stay warm this winter. Donate Now.

May Allah accept your intentions to give them warmth

Help us keep them warm.

Bring warmth to their cold winter nights, food to
their tables, and hope to their lives.

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