Bring warmth to their cold winter nights, food to their tables, and hope to their lives.

Turn cold nights to warm winters.

Since the pandemic struck in 2020, we have adapted to a new concept of normal and uncertainty. Despite it all, your support has remained consistent and it has been inspiring to see how versatile and powerful a community can be to make a positive difference in the world.

As the year comes to an end, let’s make sure we end it off strong. The harsh winter is bound to make conditions even more difficult for those at risk. It is not too late to help those in need. Use your Sadaqah or Zakat to bring warmth to a family this winter.

Help provide winter kits to families living in Palestine, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Bangladesh. Winter kits include shelter rehabilitation, winter clothing, heating supplies, food parcels and hygiene items.

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Yasmine Al-Hussein

is a mother of two suffering from chronic diabetes. Her husband is unemployed and cannot provide his wife and children with basic food and necessities. The lack of access to basic amenities like gas leaves Yasmine and her children hungry with no access to warmth or food. Yasmine and her children have not had protein included in their diet for months leaving them deprived of essential nutrients.

Thanks to your donations last year, our winter kits have provided the Al-Hussein family with food, amenities, nutrition, blankets, shoes, winter jackets, clothing, and warmth.

“May Allah accept it in your good deeds for this winter support” – Yasmine Al-Hussein.

Help others like Yasmine stay warm this summer. Donate Now.

Mohanad Al-Abadi

is a father of 6 children living in Eastern Gaza, Al Sheja’eya, a much neglected area with high population density. Mohanad currently suffers from multiple health issues that does not allow him to work and provide an income for his family. Before your donations, Mohanad’s family did not have access to gas to be able to cook warm meals or for heat. This left his wife and children cold and hungry.

Thanks to your donations last year, our winter kits have provided the Al-Abadi family with gas cylinders, winter jackets, shoes, blankets, food, appliances, and warmth.

“We would like to offer our deep thanks to you for supporting us and helping us to stay alive.” – Mohanad Al-Abadi

Help others like Mohanad stay warm this summer. Donate Now.


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