Mones’ Story

Nov 10, 2022

Since he was a child, Mones Ikdeeh worked in agriculture with his father. When he was 15, Mones fell from a fig tree while harvesting fruit. The fall left him paralyzed.

In 2021, his father passed away. Now 28 years old, Mones is the breadwinner for his family. However, Israeli military forces have damaged the family’s land several times. Each time, Mones and his family worked diligently to rehabilitate and cultivate the farm.
During IDRF’s Ramadan food distribution in Palestine, our local teams purchased food from Mones. He repaid his agricultural debts with the extra income, bought medication for his mother, and replanted his land with new crops.

The death of my father was the biggest shock I ever experienced. Without him, I didn’t know how to manage the family affairs and the farmland to ensure a regular income. It was a great responsibility to take over since I am the youngest of all my brothers and sisters. As Ramadan approached, I couldn’t stop thinking about how to secure my family’s basic needs. I thank IDRF for this project that supported struggling farmers in marketing their crops and enabled us to plant our lands from the earned income.