Food Security
for West Africa

Food Security for West Africa

The Situation


  • In 2019, 66% of the population was estimated to be severely food insecure, and at a 12% malnutrition rate. 
  • Deforestation and widespread changes to the climate has left the country vulnerable.


  • 40% of the population are living below the poverty line.
  • Food insecurity is extremely high across the country.
  • Most of the population heavily relies on one season of agriculture for their livelihoods, leaving the country vulnerable to any change in the weather
  • Food and nutritional security across Burkina Faso is critical; an estimated 3.3 million people are facing food insecurity.

    How IDRF is helping

    Through this project, we aim to:

    • provide 200 households in Chad with emergency food packages.
    • provide 200 households in Burkina Faso with emergency food packages.
    • Food packages contain the following items: corn flour 25 kg, oil 5 liters, sugar 5 kg and rice 5 kg. Each food package will last a single household a period of one month.


    Help 1 family

    with enough food to last for a month


    Help 2 families

    with enough food to last for a month


    Help 5 families

    with enough food to last for one month.

    The Impact

    people will be reached


    1,100 people will be reached, including refugees residing in camp barracks in Bongor. 


    1,050 people will be reached including villagers facing severe food insecurity and famine in Soum.