Water wells in Pakistan

The Situation

Pakistan is currently set to be facing severe water scarcity by the year 2040. About 80 percent of people living in 24 major cities within Pakistan, do not have access to clean water.

Groundwater, which is only accessible by building water wells, is the primary major water source for 1.67 million people in the region, mostly residing in thousands of rural villages.

Currently, Pakistan ranks 14 among the 17 ‘extremely high water risk’ countries of the world. Women and children are the most vulnerable to water-borne diseases across the country. 

80% of Pakistani

household do not have adequate access to clean water

How you can help?

IDRF, in partnership with local communities, is addressing these ongoing issues by building water wells.


Build 1 water well


Build 1 solar water well

 One water well will provide clean drinking water to 10 households. Leading to a direct impact for 60 people.

Build a well, build a community.

Start your crowdfunding campaign and create a wave of impact in a community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How deep will these wells be?

IDRF in partnership with local communities is looking to address these ongoing issues by building 90 ft. deep manual hand water pumps that will provide clean drinking water to approximately 15 households. This means each water pump can support up to 60-75 people.

How advanced are these wells? What will the maintenance be like?

With this project, we will be employing the expertise of our Pakistan partners, that are professionals trained in engineering, hydrogeology, and construction to build these water wells. Once the wells are built, our field team does period checks to ensure the wells are running smoothly.

What is the expected time of completion?

You can expect a final report regarding the completion of your water well 12 months from the day funds are released to IDRF. This report will include photos of your well in action, along with other significant details.

Are these wells Zakat eligible?

No. Water wells cannot be deemed zakat eligible due to the fact that these wells are used by a community of people, and we cannot provide “ownership” to one individual.

No matter how small the amount, contribute to a well.

Build a well, one drop at a time.

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