Last 10 Nights Ajr Automation

We know that every second of this month is precious. With IDRF, you can schedule your Zakat and Sadaqah donations seamlessly. Plan ahead, and make the most of every single night.

Set it and forget it! 

Your Zakat donation will be directed where most needed, bringing urgent relief this Ramadan.

Enter in the required information below, and we will process the payments on each of the dates and time that you select. 

Why should you schedule your Ramadan donations?

  • Customize Your Zakat Day By Day
  • Catch Laylatul Qadr
  • Maximize Your Last 10 Nights
  • Avoid the Stress of Last-Minute Donations 


“The acts most pleasing to God are those which are done most continuously, even if they amount to little.”


Bukhari and Muslim