Ramla’s Story

Nov 10, 2022

Ramla Jamal is a widow and has been living in a camp in Dayniile, Somalia for the last nine years.

She fled to this camp because of conflict that broke out between the government forces and militia in her hometown. During this encounter, Ramla lost her husband and two of her sons who used to support her in terms of food and money. Besides the challenges of hunger and lack of healthcare, Ramla has to live with the traumas and grief of losing her family.

Before the support she received from IDRF, Ramla often found herself going to sleep hungry as she was not able to provide for herself.

Today, you can see me smiling because of the happiness I have because of the food packages you have provided to us. Today, I have a reason to smile because I have not been smiling for a while, as my life has been characterized by worry and stress because of too many problems in life. I thank you and everyone who thinks about the problems we are going through. I’m sure with our prayers; Allah will reward them a million times.