Salma’ Story

Nov 28, 2023

Due to ongoing violence, instability, and land loss, Salma, like many of Gaza’s farmers, has suffered immensely. As a result of continued destruction, crop failure and mounting debts, she was unable to provide for her family, on the brink of collapse.


With the help of IDRF’s emergency support programming for farmers, Salma was able to use new, sustainable farming practices, and sold her produce to our food parcels project. With the funds she received, she was able to pay off her debts, and invest in her farming venture, giving her renewed hope for the future.


“My situation was dire due to the severe damage to my greenhouse, caused by the 2021 war on Gaza and stormy weather. However, after the greenhouse was repaired with the project’s help, crop productivity significantly improved. IDRF’s assistance allowed me to sell crops to supply to the Ramadan Fresh Food Distribution Project, leading to increased profits and the ability to pay off most of my debts.”


— Salma, Gaza, Palestine