Shabeera’ Story

Nov 28, 2023

Before becoming a tutor, I thought peer support meant being nice to others. Over time, I realized that you must reflect on yourself and find commonalities with others.

Whenever I support a peer, I am always wondering; “Am I being inclusive?”, “Am I making assumptions because of my own experiences? You can support others better as soon as you overcome your own thinking.”

As Tishaana graduates this year and leaves the L2L executive team, she looks forward to continuing her journey as a peer tutor in post-secondary education. Upon completing her degree and certification, Tishaana plans to become an accountant. Tishaana hopes to become an accountant so she can help others in her community learn more about finances and budgeting.

Tishaana says,

I see so many possibilities and opportunities after L2L and speaking with my teachers. There is a need for accountants and other careers in non-profit organizations