Frontlines: Canadian Aid in Gaza’s Humanitarian Battle

Feb 29, 2024

Imperative for Canadian resolve in securing safe passage for aid & the cessation of fire.


As a Canadian international aid agency at the forefront of humanitarian efforts, The International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF) is once again compelled to address the escalating crisis in Gaza that has hindered the scale of our aid delivery for the past five months. The situation’s urgency cannot be overstated, as experts warn of an impending famine in Gaza. We must bring attention to the pressing need for a safe and unimpeded humanitarian corridor, coupled with a decisive end to bombardment of the Gaza strip.

Over the last four and a half months, IDRF, alongside other international aid groups, has faced insurmountable challenges in delivering essential assistance to the people of Gaza. Today’s tragic killing of over 100 civilians trying to access aid in Gaza highlights the precarious conditions aid workers and recipients endure daily. This situation underscores the immediate need for international intervention, especially from the Canadian government, to push for a sustained ceasefire and establish a secure pathway for humanitarian aid.

Military operations in Gaza have resulted in devastating statistics: 30,000 people killed, mass starvation, and a severe disruption of essential services. Projections estimate up to 74,290 excess deaths over the next six months, making Gaza the deadliest place for children, journalists, medical personnel, and humanitarian aid staff in just over four months.

Mohammed Abed/AFP


The famine-like situation in northern Gaza, with one in six children acutely malnourished, demands immediate attention and innovative solutions for essential aid delivery. The Canadian government must recognize the urgency of the situation and prioritize its responsibility to protect human life. IDRF urges the international community to reassess and enhance safety measures for aid workers and recipients.

As a Canadian aid agency that has been deeply invested in assisting those in need for 40 years, IDRF stands ready to play its part in alleviating the suffering in Gaza. However, our efforts alone are insufficient without proactive engagement from the Canadian government. We implore Canada to take a decisive leadership role in addressing this humanitarian catastrophe, showcasing our commitment to global responsibility, preserving human dignity, and upholding International Humanitarian Laws.

We urge Canada to use its leverage with allies to ensure that humanitarian needs and lifesaving assistance for those facing unprecedented challenges in Gaza is immediately met.


A failure to address the obstacles hindering aid delivery and safeguarding aid workers in Gaza perpetuates suffering in this specific situation and weakens the principles underpinning humanitarian work worldwide. Upholding the values of neutrality, impartiality, and humanity is not a choice; it’s a global responsibility.

As Canadians, humanitarian organizations, and a global community, we must collectively ensure that emergency aid reaches those in desperate need without discrimination, setting a standard for the world to follow. The challenges in Gaza are a call to fortify the very essence of humanitarianism – a call that echoes beyond borders, reminding us all of the shared responsibility to alleviate suffering and uphold the dignity of those caught in the crossfire of conflict.

The call is clear: an immediate and sustained ceasefire, establish a secure humanitarian corridor, and put an end to bombardment, and expulsion of a civilian population.


International Development & Relief Foundation