Partnership with Paramount Foods & the Tulip Foundation

Apr 22, 2021

‘Sadaqa Project’ is providing 10,000 meals during Ramadan 

TORONTO, April 22, 2021 – Thousands of needy people of all backgrounds and faiths in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) are receiving nutritious and delicious meals during Ramadan through a new partnership called the ‘Sadaqa Project”.

 Sadaqa is an Arabic word meaning benevolence or charity, and is characterized by the human qualities of goodwill, kindness, and generosity to others.

 The Sadaqa Project was founded by Paramount Foods Chief Executive Officer Mohamad Fakih, and is supported by the Tulip Foundation, and IDRF (International Development and Relief Foundation). It is designed to supplement efforts by other organizations to help address food insecurity among the neediest people in the GTA.

 Food insecurity for vulnerable populations has been an ongoing issue in the GTA for many years, and it has only been exacerbated by COVID-19.

 “This pandemic has spotlighted the inequalities that exist across this country, and one of the significant challenges is the need for food security,” said IDRF’s Chief Executive Officer Mahmood Qasim. “Families living below the poverty line should not have to think about their next meal.”

 According to Mr. Fakih, the intent of the Sadaqah Project is to bring together good people across all faiths so that they can do good things together. He added that Ramadan is a time for Muslims to give back, build bridges and make a difference.

 “We are committed to feeding thousands of people in need from all backgrounds during Ramadan, a traditional time in the Muslim calendar for giving,” said Mr. Fakih. “We know there is a tremendous need out there in these difficult times, and we want to help people by providing them with a delicious hot meal.”

 Food insecurity is also one of the top priorities of the Tulip Foundation.

“We should not accept that in a prosperous country Iike Canada, so many do not have the means to provide good nutritious food for themselves and their families,” said Ali Asaria, the Tulip Foundation’s CEO. “This is a tragic reality, particularly given the hardships of the pandemic year, and we are determined to do our part to help. We hope others will join us and help too.”

 Fakih and Asaria have committed to donating the first 2,000 meals that the Sadaqah Project will provide. And IDRF has initiated a fundraising campaign for the project that had already raised nearly $21,000 as of April 21.

 The meals for the Sadaqah Project are being prepared in collaboration with chef Chris Klugman of Paintbox Bistro.  “Providing the best quality of affordable and nutritious food has always been my mandate,” said Mr. Klugman. “Every individual deserves a delicious meal, and we will provide that through this initiative.”

 Donations, which are eligible for a charitable receipt, can be made here.