Education for Children with Disabilities in Pakistan

Education for Children with Disabilities in Pakistan

The Situation

Children make up 43.3% of the total population of People with Disabilites, as per the census. Like all children, children with disabilities (CWDs) require that they be provided with all basic rights and facilities for living a peaceful productive life. Pakistan has signed and ratified the UN convention on human rights and rights of people with disabilities (PWDs). The convention ensures equal rights for all, including PWDs. One of these basic rights include right to quality education.

Education is the key to empower PWDs to become self-reliant and play a productive part in society. Education institutions dedicated for PWDs are rarely found in big cities whereas in rural areas PWDs are stigmatized.

Our Reponse

IDRF, in partnership with local organizations, is striving to empower children with disabilities through the provision of providing free specialized education in the district of Gujrat, Punjab. This project will support operational costs to continue educational activities at this school. These costs include salaries of the teaching staff, transportation costs, books, stationary items, uniforms and also costs for to further improve the quality of education at the school. 


How you can help

Your donations allow us to provide comprehensive educational support for children with disabilities by covering the cost of tuition, uniforms, meals and transportation. IDRF also provides capacity building for teachers and ensures teachers are supported through our program.