Turkiye & Syria
 Earthquake Relief

Turkiye & Syria Earthquake Appeal

The Situation

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake has rocked south-eastern Turkiye and Northern Syria causing the death of over 46,000 people and thousands injured as buildings toppled over residents in their sleep across the regions. one of the strongest to hit the region in more than 100 years. Across the region, thousands of buildings collapsed including two hospitals in Malatya and Hatay are severely damaged. 

Rescue teams have been deployed to search for survivors under huge piles of rubble. Hundreds are believed to be trapped under the rubble of the powerful strike. The casualties of the deadly strike overnight are expected to rise sharply as officials continue reporting.

Thousands impacted by the earthquake are displaced and without a home in the midst of the cold winter season, making it difficult for many to survive.

Right now, survivors of the deadly earthquake are in immediate need of shelter, food, medical aid and supplies to keep warm during the winter.


How is IDRF helping

In response to this tragedy, IDRF has launched its first phase of its emergency response program. Our localized approach will help survivors of the earthquake immediately and directly.

We will provide impacted families from Turkiye and Syria, with immediate relief from the cold weather with blankets, heaters, tents and jackets.

Additionally, IDRF will support families with shelter at our community center in Kilis, Turkey, as well as, provide warm meals and emergency first aid to families affected by this crisis.

Zakat Eligible


Emergency Kit

Including essentials like:

  • Health Care Services such as medication, day surgeries, and medical equipment
  • Temporary shelters
  • Ramadan Meals at Suhur and Iftar
  • Children’s Entertainment Events & Organizing Festival/Cultural Day Events for children
  • Hot meals and food packages containing dry and long-lasting food
  • Education & Nutrition Kits for Children
  • Chargeable lights & Gas Tubes
  • Hygiene Kits – feminine products, baby care, and soaps and shampoos

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Our Emergency Response Approach


Our response efforts in Turkiye & Syria include emergency first aid, food, temporary shelters, and winter support.


In phase 2, we focus on rebuilding the infrastructure of communities. This includes shelter rehabilitation and access to clean drinkable water.


Our recovery stage will enable businesses and schools to establish pre-disaster operations. We do this by supporting small businesses, reconstructing schools, and educational activities.


The last phase, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) programs is establish within local communities. This will allow us to train teams on their environmental vulnerabilities to ensure that we are implementing strategies to prevent for any future natural disasters.