Resham’s Story

Mar 24, 2021

Resham is a unique girl in her village of Hemaram in rural Pakistan. Why?

She went to school. Not just grades 1 to 5. She completed all 10 years of schooling.

Resham remembers: “My extended family and fellow villagers do not think about education. They also don’t like the girls to be educated. Relatives and neighbors used to question my mother and ask, “what will you get from sending her to school?” and “after the education, what kind of work will she do?”. I’m happy my parents continued to support me.”

After graduating, she did not get married. That’s another unique choice for a girl in Hemaram.

Resham shares: “After completing my 10th grade everyone in the family pressured me to married. I was not interested to get married at that time. My elder brother took a stand for me and supported me for midwifery training. I am very grateful to my parents and my brother who support me and to IDRF for providing me with this opportunity to get education and skills for a better future.”

Mothers and babies are dying without basic healthcare in Tharparkar, Pakistan’s poorest and least developed district. Amidst droughts and poverty, IDRF trains local women to become midwives and save lives.

Resham is a midwife now, and she is very dedicated. You can help more girls like her provide essential healthcare services.

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