Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Appeal

The Situation

The recent economic and political crisis in Sri Lanka has pushed its healthcare system to the brink. 

Since 80% of Sri Lanka’s medicine is imported, there has been a severe shortage of medicine across the country, and there is no relief in sight.

According to the UN, More than 6.3 million people, 2.3 million being children, are food insecure and on the brink of hunger which leads to additional health problems and complications.

At the same time, almost 383 medical items are in shortage, including 90 essential, life-saving drugs of all kinds. Since January 2022, 3 in 4 households have reported worsened health conditions. 



of essential medications required across the country are in shortage

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of people are reporting a decline in their health over the last six months

How is IDRF helping

Thanks to our localized approach, IDRF in partnership with International Human Relief Canada is providing medical supplies and medicines to local children’s hospitals.

IDRF will begin by helping first responders meet peoples’ immediate needs for medicine.


Medical supplies to last one month