Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Appeal

The Situation

The recent economic and political crisis in Sri Lanka is now turning into a health crisis.

Due to the economic crisis and because 80% of Sri Lanka’s medicine is imported, there has been a severe shortage of medicine across the country.

More than 5.7 million people, 2.3 million being children, are food insecure and on the brink of hunger which leads to additional health problems and complications.

Now almost 200 medical items are in shortage, including 76 essential, life-saving drugs, from blood-thinners for heart attack and stroke patients to antibiotics, rabies vaccines and cancer chemotherapy drugs.



essential medical items are in shortage

5.7 million people

in need of humanitarian assistance

How is IDRF helping

Thanks to our localized approach, IDRF in partnership with International Human Relief Canada, has already begun a needs assessment and logistics to begin an emergency medical response. We are working with a local children’s hospital to provide medical supplies and needs for the most vulnerable.

IDRF will begin by helping first responders meet peoples’ immediate needs for medicine.


Medical supplies to last one month